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General terms


STAR TURIST is a tourist agency providing accommodation according to published information, descriptions and time schedule in accordance with confirmed booking, except in the case of force majeure. All stated in the General Terms and Conditions is legally binding on the guest and Star Turist d.o.o..

2. CATEGORIZATION AND General Terms and conditions of rental villas. Take advantage of our excellent offers and feel the joy. See it now!RIPTION OF SERVICES

Offered accommodation units are described pursuant to official categorization as determined by the local tourist board at the time of the work permit issuance. Accommodation standards at different destinations and in different countries vary and are not suitable for comparison. Information provided to passengers at other points of sale are not binding on Star Turist d.o.o. to a greater extent than the information contained in the company's web site or in our catalogue and other printed material issued by the agency. If a guest omits to book a suite with special features, he/she will accept any suite in the establishment officially registered for renting out as described in the catalogue and according to the valid price list. If possible, Star Turist d.o.o. will try to fulfill guest's additional accommodation requests (special comforts, view, location etc.), but can not guarantee the fulfillment of the same.

Notes regarding the data available on our web site:
- Numeric values

All numeric values (floor area of accommodation units, distances and outdoor surface area) have been indicated with +/- 25% error tolerance. Particular distances are air distances, unless otherwise stated in the text concerning the respective distance.
- Amenities and Services
There is a possibility that some services within the establishment and services and amenities in the vicinity are provided only during a specific season (e.g. the outdoor pool is closed during the winter; the disco club and the restaurant are open only during the summer). Star Turist d.o.o. has no influence on the availability of special amenities (disco, restaurant, shop, etc.) or services (wind-surfing, bicycle rental, etc.) in certain time periods and will not be held responsible for published information in such cases. A guest is obligated to familiarize oneself with published information and Star Turist d.o.o. to offer all information available.

Types of Accommodation - Designations

AX+Y - suite designations - "X" denotes the constant number of beds in the room, and "Y" denotes the number of auxiliary beds in the living room.
- Additional Services
Additional services are the ones indicated in the listing of prices for additional services. They can be chosen during the accommodation booking procedure, and calculation is made according to the calculation unit as indicated. If the service has not been requested during the booking procedure, it can still be requested on the spot from the owner and may be subject to extra charge. Some accommodation units come with services that have not been included in the price list for additional services. Therefore, we suggest you ask about the service you are interested in when filling out the field marked with "Note" and check its availability.


The price of accommodation includes the basic service as described next to the accommodation unit in the booking form. Special services are services that are not included in the price of accommodation and are available only subject to prior notice and extra charge. These services have to be asked for during the booking procedure. The prices of accommodation are indicated in euros and calculated in kunas pursuant to the offer rate of exchange as published by the Croatian National Bank (abbr. HNB) on the date of calculation - payment. Star Turist reserves the right to change published prices in the case of exchange rate change. Star Turist guarantees accommodation price stated in the calculation that was the ground for advance payment to all guests who made an advance payment, and if such change occurs before such payment Star Turist undertakes to notify the guest of the change. Accommodation is guaranteed only for the number of persons specified in travel documents (voucher). If more persons arrive to the booked accommodation unit the service provider has the right to decline to accommodate unannounced passengers or can accommodate all passengers charging the unannounced passengers for accommodation on the spot.


Inquiries and bookings are accepted electronically, in writing, and in person at Star Turist's offices and offices of its partner agencies. When registering, a passenger is obligated to provide all accurate data requested in the booking form about the passenger and persons he/she is registering. In case submitted data are incorrect, Star Turist reserves the right to change prices and to charge you for the balance on the spot. When a passenger confirms booking, it is presumed that he/she has been informed of these conditions and accepts them to full extent. In that way all stated herein becomes legally binding upon each passenger and Star Turist. Star Turist puts at contractual party's disposal appropriate promotion material or program, in hard copy or electronic form, and provides all relevant information as regards the travel and hands out or points to the General Terms and Conditions of Travel. During the booking process a passenger is obligated to submit all data required. In order to confirm booking a passenger must pay 30% of the total sum. If the booking is made within 21 days prior to the departure date the entire amount has to be paid immediately. Deadline for paying all booking costs is 21 days prior to the departure, unless otherwise contracted with Star Turist. Payments can be made to foreign currency or transfer account of Star Turist d.o.o Payments via cross-border notes payable must be made not later than five days prior to guest's arrival and from Croatia not later than three days prior to guest's arrival. By paying for booking a passenger confirms that he/she is familiar with all characteristics and conditions under which specific accommodation unit is offered.


Each passenger is obligated to pay residence tax pursuant to the valid Residence Tax Law in force in the Republic of Croatia. Pursuant to the Residence Tax Law residence tax amounts to 4,00 to 7,00 kn a person, a day for adults. Children from 12 to 18 years of age pay 50% of the stated amount. Children up to 12 years of age are exempted. The total amount of residence tax depends on the destination and season of passenger's stay and is charged according to these General Terms and Conditions simultaneously with the final payment for the provided service. The calculation will include due residence tax.


Possibility I:

Possibility II:


Star Turist d.o.o. undertakes to provide accommodation to a passenger at the booked unit during reserved time period, except in extraordinary circumstances (war, riot, strike, acts of terrorism, health hazard, extreme weather conditions, government intervention etc.). Star Turist d.o.o. may suggest a change of booking or cancel the booking completely or partially if, prior to or during stay, extraordinary circumstances occur that can not be avoided or prevented that, had they occurred prior to the publishing and sales of travel program they would have constituted a valid ground for avoiding publishing, acceptance of applications and confirming of booking by Star Turist d.o.o.. If a guest pays for accommodation and Star Turist d.o.o. can not fulfill its obligations (online or upon the incorrect offer) the guest will be offered an alternative.

If Star Turist d.o.o. is able to offer an alternative, the change of booked accommodation can be made exclusively with passenger's consent. The offered alternative must be of the same or better quality compared to the booked accommodation. If a guest accepts alternative that is more expensive Star Turist d.o.o. is obligated to cover the balance and if the alternative is cheaper Star Turist d.o.o. shall return the balance to the guest.

If paid accommodation cannot be replaced Star Turist reserves the right to cancel reservation with prior announcement at least 7 days before the service and guarantees full refund of the amount paid. If suitable replacement is not available on the day when the service is supposed to begin, Star Turist will try to provide a guest with information on the available accommodation that is not listed in Star Turist's offer and will refund the guest for the total amount paid. Star Turist d.o.o. is obligated to notify all passengers who paid and therefore confirmed their arrival of any change in the booking or cancellation, immediately upon the occurrence of extraordinary circumstances and, if they are unable to find alternative accommodation, to return the unrealized amount minus administrative agency costs.


If a passenger wishes to change or cancel already confirmed booking he/she needs to do that in writing (e-mail, mail or fax) or in person in Star Turist's office. Booking change includes a change in the identity of a booking holder, number of persons or date of service (start or end date) and can be made not later than 30 days prior to the beginning of service. The first booking change, if possible, will be free of charge. For each following booking change (if possible) Star Turist will charge 15 EUR. In case the change is not possible and a passenger gives up from the initially confirmed reservation, cancellation terms as specified herein after shall apply. A change of the booked accommodation unit and each change within 30 days prior to the beginning of the booking and during its use will be considered a cancellation. In the case of cancellation, the date of the receipt of a written cancellation will represent the basis for the calculation of due costs.

Uvjeti otkaza rezervacije su sljedeći: - for cancellation 29 to 22 days prior to using the service, 30% of the booking value shall be charged
- for cancellation 21 to 15 days prior to using the service, 60% of the booking value shall be charged
- for cancellation 14 to 8 days prior to using the service, 80% of the booking value shall be charged
- for cancellation 7 to 0 days prior to using the service, 100% of the booking value shall be charged
For every booking cancellation the agency will charge a processing fee in the amount of 25 euros.

If a passenger does not arrive to the booked accommodation unit until midnight on the date of service and has not notified Star Turist, the booking shall be deemed cancelled and the costs of cancellation will be calculated pursuant to cancellation terms herein. If actually incurred cancellation costs exceed herein stated costs Star Turist reserves the right to charge actual costs. If a passenger must cancel booking within 7 days prior to using the service, Star Turist shall offer the passenger the possibility of finding a new passenger/user for the same booking if possible. Star Turist will charge only actual costs caused by the change.

In the case of cancellation due to force majeure the guest is obligated to submit a written confirmation issued by an authorized body and Star Turist shall charge only actual costs, that is, 25% of the total service value maximum. The agency shall not reimburse the passenger for the costs related to the obtaining of travel documents or visas in relation to the booking cancelled by the passenger.


Star Turist d.o.o. is obligated to handle service providing and rights and interests of passengers in accordance with good practices in tourism. Star Turist d.o.o. is obligated to make sure that the passenger is provided all booked services and is therefore liable for default in the performance of booked services or any part thereof. Star Turist d.o.o. is obligated, upon the receipt of full payment, to send to the passenger necessary travel documents. Star Turist d.o.o. will fulfill all specified obligations entirely except in extraordinary events when provisions of Item 7 will apply.


A passenger is obligated to make sure that he/she personally, his/her personal documents and luggage are in line with conditions prescribed by customs, health and foreign exchange regulations of passenger's domicile country, destination country and transit country. Costs of loss or theft of documents during travel shall be borne by the passenger. Furthermore, a passenger is obligated to check whether entrance visa is necessary for entering the territories of the countries stated herein. A passenger is obligated to follow customs and currency regulations of the Republic of Croatia and countries he/she visits during the travel. Passenger is obligated to make travel arrangements for arriving to the accommodation unit. Star Turist will provide all available information to facilitate passenger's arrival. If there is a need and possibility, it is possible to organize local transport to the accommodation unit in advance in cooperation with the service provider. A passenger has the obligation to follow the house rules of conduct in private establishments as well as to follow the instructions and rules of conduct in public places. A passenger bears expenses and is responsible for caused damage, especially damage that resulted from a breach of contract, conditions and commitments. By confirming booking a passenger undertakes to reimburse the service provider on the spot for any damage he/she causes.


Passengers are obligated to possess valid passports. Invalid passports that result in not being able to travel shall not result in detriment to Star Turist, and if Star Turist suffers damage due to passenger's omission of that kind, the passenger shall be liable to Star Turist for damages. If, during travel, passport loss or theft occurs, new passport issuance costs shall be borne by the passenger. Star Turist is not responsible for the decisions of Customs, Police and other government and state bodies that prevent a passenger from entering the country.


Travel documents shall be delivered to a passenger via e-mail or fax within 24 hours after the payment of the total amount of booking. Upon arrival to the destination, the passenger is obligated to submit to the service provider only a written travel document (voucher) that clearly indicates services the passenger paid for and service provider is obligated to supply.


Star Turist Agency shall not be liable for any damaged, destroyed or lost luggage, nor luggage or valuables stolen from the accommodation unit. Lost luggage or theft has to be reported to the accommodation service provider and local police authorities.


Each passenger - contract holder is entitled to file a complaint as regards non-performance of any contracted service. If the quality level of service performance from the offer has not been satisfied, the passenger may require an adequate compensation by filing a written complaint. Each passenger has a right to file a complaint for non-performance of paid service. Each passenger- holder of confirmed booking, files a complaint independently. The passenger is obligated to complain about non-satisfactory service on the day of arrival at the reception desk. The passenger is obligated to notify the service provider first and try to find a satisfactory solution that way before taking further actions. The passenger is obligated to cooperate with the service provider in good will in order to amend the situation that caused the complaint. If the passenger accepts offered solution that corresponds to the paid service on the spot, the agency is not obligated to consider subsequent complaints. If the guest does not complain on the accommodation on the spot he/she shall have no right to a refund.

If, even after on spot intervention problem could not be solved, the passenger is obligated to send a written complaint not later than 8 days after the trip ends, with enclosed corresponding documents and photographs proving the grounds of complaint to Star Turist, by e-mail or mail to Star Turist's address. Star Turist will take into consideration only fully documented complaints received within 8 days after the date indicated in the booking form. While complaint procedure lasts, 14 days, that is, 28 days after the filing of complaint maximum, the passenger irrevocably waives the right of any intermediation by any third person, arbitration before UHPA or any other institution, as well as the right to reveal information to media. Furthermore, in this time period the passenger waives the right to file suit. The maximum compensation per complaint may reach the cost of advertised part of service and can encompass neither already used services nor the total cost of service. That way passenger's right to the compensation of ideal damage is excluded. Star Turist can not be held liable for climate conditions, cleanliness or the sea temperature at the destination or other similar situations and events that could be to passenger's dissatisfaction and do not directly concern the quality of booked accommodation unit (e.g. bad weather, poor arrangement of the beach, distance of public beaches from accommodation units, traffic jam, theft, property damage et al.).


Each passenger submits personal data voluntary. Personal data are necessary in the process of the realization of booked service and will be used for further communication. Star Turist undertakes not to export personal data from the country or disclose it to any third person except to the extent necessary for the realization of requested service. Personal data will be saved in passenger data base pursuant to Star Turist's decision on the way of gathering, processing and safekeeping of personal data. The client agrees that his/her personal data may be used for advertising purposes in Star Turist's marketing activities.


By making an advance payment for accommodation booking the passenger accepts all stated in these General Terms and Conditions and is bound by herein stated same as Star Turist d.o.o.


If there are parallel actions, discounts will not be summed up. Additional discounts do not apply to our last minute offer.


The Passenger and Star Turist d.o.o. will make an effort to resolve disputes, if any, as regards the fulfillment of this contract by agreement. If they do not succeed in reaching an agreement the court of jurisdiction will be the court in Karlovac and the applicable law will be the law of the Republic of Croatia.

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Camping on the island Rab!

The newly built Lando Resort covers an area of 6000 sq. m at Kampor’s Mel Bay on Rab Island. It is located on a beautiful sandy beach, only about 7 km from the Town of Rab. The resort has two heated swimming pools (with an integrated children’s pool), beach chairs and parasols around the pool, a playground, Wi-Fi zone, a restaurant and a cocktail bar.